Akron Bat removal 234-788-0375

The Wildlife Professionals of Ohio 234-788-0375



Bat removal in Akron Ohio can be a tricky circumstance. Bat control by itself is quite an undertaking. I have seen booklets and even you tube videos explaining ways to remove bats from your attic of your home or business.Some are quite comical to watch and some are even great information for the do it your selfer. But to be honest  Bat work is best left to the professionals. lets face it, you would never let your mechanic do repair work on your house.. right? Trained professionals are trained for a reason.

Akron Raccoon removal:

Removal of raccoons from your attic or even your chimney can be a scary and treacherous job. DON’T DO IT! seriously!! Raccoons carry a wide variety of diseases and can be down right aggressive, especially when with young. If you have a raccoon living in your attic? or are just hearing scratching in the ceiling don’t call a plumber! Call a wildlife professional 234-788-0375


Squirrel Removal Akron:

Squirrel control and removal are also best left to the professional, Mommy Squirrels once in your home will pretty much eat through anything to get to their young. so just covering up the hole when you see them leave often makes the process worse! for squirrel removal in Akron Ohio call Chris Smith at 234-788-0375

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