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Attic Bat Guano Removal 336-240-9317


Flag of Greensboro, North Carolina

Flag of Greensboro, North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When bats move into your home or business it can be scary. a bat in the house is typically a sign of a larger issue that might not have even been noticed. As a wildlife removal expert we have found that every year bat removal in Greensboro has had an increase in call volume of bat removal and bat control issues homeowners and business owner are having.

A great bat removal company can not only remove the problem bat issue, They should be able and experienced in bat exclusion or bat proofing in Greensboro. A well rounded nuisance animal removal company can not only remove the bat issue , it should remove the harmful or hazardous guano or bat waste from the infected area, Disinfect the infected bat area and replace the insulation if needed .

Bat proofing is the exclusion, repair or preventative maintenance of the property  to ensure no future bat animal conflicts. This process can involve sealing and carpentry work.

Bat Colony

Bat Colony (Photo credit: capnsponge)

Bat extermination is not only bad for the environment it is actually illegal. Do not let a so called “Bat Extermination Pro” trap or kill the bat colony or bat infestation in your Greensboro home. Bats only have one offspring or baby  per female and a female may or may not have a baby every year. Bat colonies take time to grow and we have to have them. They are extremely beneficial to our environment!

It is recommended that bat professionals do not engage in bat removal services from May to the first of August due to the bat baby rearing. If a wildlife removal company tries to persuade you otherwise call your local fish and wildlife agency or D.N.R.

As The Wildlife Professionals we service Greensboro, Winston- Salem, Winston, Salem, High Point, Lexington Jamestown, Archdale, Thomasville, and all of the Piedmont Triad area! 336-240-9317


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Bat Removal 336-240-9317 Greensboro North Carolina Bat Control-Bat Guano Removal- Attic restoration

Bat Removal Greensboro North Carolina

Bat Removal Greensboro NC

Bat Removal from your home can be a daunting task. In most instances
it is necessary to have a Wildlife Professional to assist you in this
endeavor. Bats can fit into the smallest of voids or openings in fact if
you can fit a match book into the void a bat can get in it.  Its no
wonder very few wildlife professionals can handle this task.

The Wildlife Professionals
can remove theses pest whether the bats  are in your attic, soffit or
chimney we can remove them safely and humanely. the Wildlife Pros at
Akron Ohio are the clear choice for Greensboro Bat Control. Trained,
certified and licensed our techs are highly trained to accomplish your
bat removal process.


Bats are the only true flying mammals. There are many species in Greensboro and all of them are beneficial insect eaters, consuming
literally tons of harmful insects each night. The most common species to
move into houses is the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus).
These small animals are about 3-1/2 inches long with an 8 inch
wingspread. Their colors range from yellow-brown to dark brown.

Little Brown Bats roost in groups and are drawn to hot attics and
wall voids in the spring and summer to bear their young (one per female)
from about June-August. In the fall, most of these bats fly to winter
hibernation roosts in caves or old mine shafts.

English: This map shows the range of Myotis lu...

English: This map shows the range of Myotis lucifugus (Little Brown Bat) across North America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Health Hazards

Bats in Greensboro North Carolina should not be regarded as dangerous. However, about one bat in a
thousand MAY have rabies which eventually kills them. Little Brown Bats
cannot easily transmit this disease to humans or pets due to their small
teeth but problems can arise from trying to touch or pick up a sick
bat. Unprovoked attacks are extremely rare.

If bitten by a bat or if infectious material (such as saliva) from a
bat gets into your eyes, nose, mouth, or a wound — wash the affected
area thoroughly and get medical advice immediately. If a bat is found in
a room with a sleeping person, capture it without damaging the head and
place it in a container (See the Greensboro CDC page on “Bats and Rabies”
for more information and correct procedures). Dead bats should be kept
under refrigeration until tested. Contact your Greensboro NC Health District as
soon as possible. To avoid this disease, simply avoid touching bats, be
sure your house is bat-proof (at least the living area) and be sure your
pets are vaccinated. Call your veterinarian for vaccination

Histoplasmosis is another hazard in some states . This airborne
disease may be carried in bird and bat droppings. Few people exposed to
this fungal disease become seriously ill but there is a potential risk
of infection to any one removing or disturbing old, dusty bird or bat

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336-240-9317 Raccoon Removal in Greensboro |Raccoon Control in Greensboro NC

When a raccoon has intruded into your home it is probably a great option to call a professional to trap and remove the raccoon. When a raccoon has made your home his home again it is a great time to cal animal control in Greensboro. When thinking about how to get rid of a raccoon The Wildlife Professionals of Greensboro NC are most likely your best bet at raccoon removal and raccoon control in Greensboro NC.

English: A Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) seen...

English: A Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) seen near a bike path near Schererville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoons in the Greensboro NC Attic – Attic restoration

It seams more and more often that a raccoon will be found in the attic or in the walls of a home or business. Raccoon can make noises in the wall and in the attic that can keep residents up all night. Racoons an cause serious nuisance wildlife issues.

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