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The Lawn Care Maintenance Professionals of Charleston West Virginia

We are a premier Company in West Virginia and are striving to be and do the best for our customers! Below are a few basic pricing models as to save time while you are considering us for your lawn care needs.

Basic Lawn Mowing Service – From $50/visit
Cut all grass, using weed eater and smaller mower on edges as needed
Fine edging on pavements with edging tools for clean cut edges in Kanawha Valley area
Blow away cut debris AND herbicide beds up to 1 gallon

Lawn & Bush Service$60 and up

for the lawn mowing service, plus our standard hourly rate for any labor needed such as bush shaping or fall cleanup.  Some yards are so simple that we will, depending upon the specifics of the yard and the size and quantity of the bushes include bush shaping in the regular visit price.

Charleston WV Grounds keeping – Lawn mowing service, shrub maintenance, adding fertilization and weed control treatments, fall cleanup, mulch or pine straw spreading, etc.  This is a fully comprehensive approach to landscape maintenance and is priced by estimate

Maintaining a Charleston West Virginia lawn properly requires attention to the plant as a living breathing organism.  Treatments do matter, but of equal importance are the intricacies of how the lawn is being mowed, how often, with what type of equipment and at what height.  Does your landscape maintenance service mulch mow or do they bag?  Often times, bagging the clippings is literally the same as taking a little of your lawn’s health away every time they mow.  It robs the ground of micronutrients and will eventually lead to the declination of the turf.  Bagging is necessary sometimes, especially when you are planning an event where it needs to “look” its best, but definitely not on every mowing.  Of equal importance is the height of mow, which should not be any more than 1/3 of the height of the grass.  This is a price driven item…most people here in South Hills WV for bi-weekly service which often times causes that 1/3rd cut rule to be broken.  To achieve the goal of optimal turf grass, you must consider whether to have your service done weekly or bi-weekly.  Refraining from cutting at all is also a consideration.  It is during dry/hot times that your service should refrain from cutting in some cases.  This is another money driven item – if your service is being paid a flat monthly fee, then they are going to try to mow no matter what on a set schedule to “make their showing” and earn their keep.  This is often the case where the person doing the work is the owner of the company who’s income is directly affected.  Alternately, some companies employ hourly paid workers who are trained to “pass” on the mowing.  The company then does not charge for that particular day’s service.  The company owner’s income is affected by this non-mowing, but the worker’s pay is not as affected.  In the end, the goal is to look out for the grass as a living organism, not a commodity.

We also offer

  • Gutter Cleaning and Guard installation 
  • Leaf bagging and Removal
  • Winter clean-up of your yard and estate
  • Pressure washing Cleaning
  • Property Clean up Commercial

We service Charleston WV , Sissonsville, Kanawha City WV, Cross Lanes, South Hills WV and Surrounding areas