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Raccoons in the attic. A simple statement really.¬† Though when you have a “Raccoon in the attic” the statement changes entirely. it gains gravity and emotion. Raccoons in my attic or raccoons in the attic are usually the most distressing of phone calls The Wildlife Professionals tech receives as a Nuisance Pest Wildlife¬† Removal agent in the pursuit to rid every attic and eave of raccoons.

Raccoons that get into attics and chimneys do so to find shelter to have and rear their young. Once in your home the raccoon  can be dangerous if approached. I have actually been bit when I entered an attic with a female that had young. I had on the proper equipment and was not injured though that is not always the case with fly by night wildlife companies. So beware of who you hire!

Each year homeowners as well as untrained “wildlife guys” are bitten and need to receive medical attention. It is always better to hire a Wildlife Professional that has been in business for a while and has the references to prove it.

Raccoon Removal can be completed by removing the raccoon that has invaded your home. Sounds simple I know, but it is not always so, say for instance you decide to try and catch the raccoon on your own and you catch a young pup and mom is still up there you may be entering a war zone and not even know it. mother Raccoons are ferociously aggressive when they have young and obviously even more so when they perceive danger to their young. A trapped pup is definitely in that danger area as far as the mother raccoon is concerned.

The Safest and most humane way to rid yourself of pest attic dwellers is to hire a trained wildlife professional. Simply put “What is your safety and that of your family worth to you?”

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