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Animal Control Pest Raccoon Removal and Animal Damage Control 234-788-0375

Raccoon removal in Akron, Ohio has changed in the last few years. At one time raccoon removal was as simple as setting a humane trap in the yard and waiting for it to go in and get caught. Raccoon removal techniques have changed over the years but the basic still remain the same.

Raccoon (Procyon lotor). Français : Raton lave...

Raccoon (Procyon lotor). Français : Raton laveur (Appellé Racoon en Guadeloupe) (Procyon lotor). Author: Darkone, 5. August 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoons have changed to in this last decade in Akron, Ohio due to encroachment of their habitats and the building of new homes that take away from their natural habitat. Raccoon Removal has changed due to this fact. Raccoons have found that attic, crawlspace and/or Chimneys make a great place to have babies and raise a family. Once in the attic or other spaces they will pick a spot to start urinating and pooping in. The attic space that the raccoons are in can become a latrine in no time at all.

Raccoons are predominantly Nocturnal. Sounds in the attic will start at dusk and can last all night making it impossible to sleep. Raccoon removal is needed when these creatures or critters get into your attic. A wildlife Professional will trap and remove the raccoon and then cleanup the attic of all the raccoon crap and bio hazard impacted insulation and place new insulation down in order to complete a attic restoration in Akron, Ohio.

When you have raccoon removal issues that need raccoon removal services call The Wildlife Professionals to give you a conclusion to your raccoon removal conflict.

Squirrels and other rodents such as rat or attic rats, roof rats, brown rats, Black rats and flying squirrels can invade your attic to. For help with squirrels in the attic or rodents in the attic we can help with that too.

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Raccoon Removal Akron – Raccoon Control Akron – Raccoon Trapping Service-Akron Raccoon Removal Service Call 234-788-0375

Akron Ohio Raccoon removal is only the first step in Raccoon Control in Akron Ohio. When a raccoon finds a way into your house an exclusion is needed to ensure complete conclusion to your nuisance raccoon conflict and raccoon removal is needed.

“I have raccoons in my attic!” this is a phone call I get frequently and after grabbing my trusty flashlight and animal catch stick I am on my way to catch and remove the raccoon in the attic..

Raccoons can get into trash and trash cans to forage for food. Raccoons can sleep under decks, Raccoons in the garage and Raccoons in chimneys. When raccoons show this behavior it is because they have become urbanized and no longer fear humans or their pets. This can pose a serious issue due to raccoons carry distemper, rabies and a variable of other diseases that your family and pets could be exposed too.

It is always best to call a wildlife Professional that knows” How to get rid of raccoons” and keep them out. Raccoon Control by raccoon removal experts are always the best call you can make.

Raccoons can also get into chimneys, this is a safe place for them to have baby raccoons. Once the babies have grown a bit they can make quite a ruckus and literally sound like they are coming through the wall.  If you are hearing noises in the attic, noises in the chimney, or even noises in the walls call your local wildlife Tech to inspect. Peace of mind has no price tag!

We recommend The Wildlife Professionals Akron , Ohio  234-788-0375

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Animal Control Akron Ohio 234-788-0375

Animal Control in Akron, Ohio  234-788-0375

Animal control can be defined in two ways. Animal control as in dogs and cats that need to be removed from the Akron metro area. The second is when wild animals invade or get into the house and the homeowner or tenant has no idea how to get rid of the issue or animal control conflict and are calling to find solutions to their Wildlife Control Issue.

The internet can give many possible solutions to pest control or animal control solutions. Most wildlife companies are licensed through the D.N.R or Division of Natural Resources of Akron, Ohio so that they can legally remove animals from your property. The transport of wildlife out of season can have fines, not to mention it is dangerous to deal with wild animals in your house. What if you get bit? how will you know that the animal doesn’t have a disease? animals like raccoons have many diseases that they carry. squirrels have fleas and lice that are just as nasty.

Animal control in the wildlife removal area is best left to wildlife removal control agents!

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Critters in the attic Control and removal Akron 234-788-0375

“Critters in the attic “  a simple phrase that empathizes an extreme amount of emotion when it is a fact rather than a phrase.  A lot of homeowners every year deal with creatures in the attic making an obscene amount of noise in the attic or walls making it impossible to sleep.  The Phrase “Critters in the attic” is chanted through out the whole of the United States. Every city in every state has issues with animals getting into their home, chimney and attic. A critter can be a raccoon, opossum, squirrel, rodent, flying squirrel, mice and even roof rats.

Having a critter in your home can be scary and distressing.  The one good thing in this scenario is that there is help. In the last couple of decades avid wildlife trappers and hunters have found there was now a need for nuisance animal removal in Akron Ohio and have started animal damage control companies that service almost every city in just about every state of our great union.  They are licensed through their respected states Division of Natural Resources offices and the state and local government laws and restriction. These Wildlife soldiers fight against the nuisance causing pest animals and find solutions for the conflict the critters are causing.

In the winter months it seems to be the worst for nuisance wildlife or critter control in Akron , Ohio. When cold weather works its way in squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, opossum, flying squirrels and every other attic dwelling creature will try to find shelter from the cold frigid temperatures of winter. An attic space can be a great place for these animals or critters to live and have young babies and stay safe. If I was a raccoon I would totally pick an attic over a hole in a log!

Rodents in the attic are incredibly a common issue that most homeowners never even know about until its an extreme issue. Rats are rodents like squirrels and mice. They chew on everything including wiring in your walls. They carry a multiple of diseases.

Raccoon are known carriers of distemper, They will crap all over your attic insulation and cause a tremendous amount of damage. Insurance companies have even recognized the damage raccoons can cause. Raccoon Removal is a paramount first step to help remove the issues at hand. Cleaning the areas are the next and then removing the poop in the attic is another obvious step.

Removal of pest animal are the obvious start and it recommended that a professional in urban nuisance wildlife removal should be used. These animal trappers turned professional animal control and wildlife removal agents of the state can remove the wildlife threat to your most important investments “Your Family and Your Home!”

We recommend The Wildlife Professionals 234-788-0375





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Akron, Ohio Wildlife and Pest Animal Control 234-788-0375

The wildlife Professionals of Akron, Kent, Hudson, Alliance, Portage lakes, Green, New Franklin, Canton, North Canton Massillon, Canal Fulton, Ohio, Summit county Ohio, Stark County, Cuyahoga Falls, and all surrounding areas.

The Wildlife Professionals



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Akron Bat removal 234-788-0375

The Wildlife Professionals are experts in Bat removal techniques. Bats in your attic are a result of an infestation that can take years to become noticed. Bat boxes are a great way to give these wonderful creatures a place to live. It can take one to two years for bats to use them though. Bat boxes are not a Bat control Solution.

Only true Bat removal in Akron Ohio by sealing all access to the structure can ensure valid Bat control in your Akron Ohio Home. The sealing process can take a few days and must be a  meticulous  effort . Only Highly trained Bat Control Experts should be used.

Bats may only have one baby per year, so it is very important that when trying to remove bats form your attic, chimney or eaves that you only have them removed at certain times of the year. Female bats have babies around June in Ohio and the Bat removal process should not be utilized between the second week of June to the first or second week of august to allow the juvenile bats can mature properly and be evicted form the structure safely.

Bat Control by Bat removal: is best performed by Akron Wildlife professionals to ensure proper Closure to your wildlife conflict. Make sure to use the best. Cheap cost don’t always mean solutions, and Pest control companies in Akron are trained to combat insects! Not bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums or even snakes in Akron Ohio so be warned!

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Akron Bat removal 234-788-0375

The Wildlife Professionals of Ohio 234-788-0375



Bat removal in Akron Ohio can be a tricky circumstance. Bat control by itself is quite an undertaking. I have seen booklets and even you tube videos explaining ways to remove bats from your attic of your home or business.Some are quite comical to watch and some are even great information for the do it your selfer. But to be honest  Bat work is best left to the professionals. lets face it, you would never let your mechanic do repair work on your house.. right? Trained professionals are trained for a reason.

Akron Raccoon removal:

Removal of raccoons from your attic or even your chimney can be a scary and treacherous job. DON’T DO IT! seriously!! Raccoons carry a wide variety of diseases and can be down right aggressive, especially when with young. If you have a raccoon living in your attic? or are just hearing scratching in the ceiling don’t call a plumber! Call a wildlife professional 234-788-0375


Squirrel Removal Akron:

Squirrel control and removal are also best left to the professional, Mommy Squirrels once in your home will pretty much eat through anything to get to their young. so just covering up the hole when you see them leave often makes the process worse! for squirrel removal in Akron Ohio call Chris Smith at 234-788-0375

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Akron Bat removal Service 234-788-0375

Akron bat Removal

 When a bat invades your home it can take years and even decades for the evidence to be  noticed. Once a bat infestation has occurred the only way to stop it by “Akron Bat Removal” . Sounds cliche I know, but it is a proven fact that most”do-it-your-selfers” fail miserably time and time again until a wildlife professional is involved.

The reason is because the bats that invade homes and business’ are either “big brown bats or Small brown bats” these lovely creatures can fit into spaces smaller than a book of matched on its side, so we are talking about small voids!


Now imagine going through every inch of your home and sealing these gaps and voids! Sounds like fun I know..:)

All kidding aside Bat removal in Akron Ohio is no joke, it is averaged that 5 in 10 bats carry rabies botulism distemper … ect.. not to mention that they have little bugs that live on them called “Bat Bugs” but they are actually a sister species to “bed bugs” . wow this gets so much better don’t ya think? but Waite! there’s more , their feces or “guano can have spore that contain histoplasmosis  that is a known cause of respiratory disease in the elderly and infant ages alike.

Akron Ohio bat removal is simply put the best and only real way to protect not only your house, but your family! and that is is no laughing matter!

Call The Wildlife Professionals of Akron Ohio 234-788-0375 for support and conclusion of your wildlife conflict.

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Bat Removal Akron Ohio 234-788-0375

How to remove bats from our Akron Ohio Home 234-788-0375

Bat removal in Akron Ohio can be a daunting task. A lot of people have tried and a lot more will try! The truth is that if it were as easy as jumping up on a ladder and closing the area you see them jumping out, then there would be no need for bat specialist !!

I have seen a lot of Pest Control companies in Akron “try” to take care of the bat issues as well as Homeowners try themselves. What happens is after time and time again of failure The Wildlife Professionals seem to get the  call” I have tried everything! but I can’t get theses bats out of our attic!”

Akron Ohio Bats have a bug that lives on them called “Bat Bugs” and they are a sister species to “Bed Bugs” and are equally annoying. the guano or poop of the big brown bat and Small Brown bat is high in nitrate and can become

flammable.  in fact in 1812 the confederates used bat guano from nearby cave as cannon fodder. Imagine that battle!! “Holey Crap Batman!!” lol…

Bats carry diseases that can be bad for all and especially the very young and the elderly alike, Histoplasmosis is one of them and it is a nasty bugger too! causes respiratory distress.

It Is always best to use a Wildlife Profession in lue of a pest control agentfor all your bat squirrel  raccoon snake opossum rat rodent and skunk issues, for there is always more that needs done than simply catching the wild animals! exclusion or repairs is the only final step !

The Wildlife Professionals Bat removal of Akron Ohio  234-788-0375



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