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“Critters in the attic “  a simple phrase that empathizes an extreme amount of emotion when it is a fact rather than a phrase.  A lot of homeowners every year deal with creatures in the attic making an obscene amount of noise in the attic or walls making it impossible to sleep.  The Phrase “Critters in the attic” is chanted through out the whole of the United States. Every city in every state has issues with animals getting into their home, chimney and attic. A critter can be a raccoon, opossum, squirrel, rodent, flying squirrel, mice and even roof rats.

Having a critter in your home can be scary and distressing.  The one good thing in this scenario is that there is help. In the last couple of decades avid wildlife trappers and hunters have found there was now a need for nuisance animal removal in Atlanta and have started animal damage control companies that service almost every city in just about every state of our great union.  They are licensed through their respected states Division of Natural Resources offices and the state and local government laws and restriction. These Wildlife soldiers fight against the nuisance causing pest animals and find solutions for the conflict the critters are causing.

In the winter months it seems to be the worst for nuisance wildlife or critter control in Atlanta, GA . When cold weather works its way in squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, opossum, flying squirrels and every other attic dwelling creature will try to find shelter from the cold frigid temperatures of winter. An attic space can be a great place for these animals or critters to live and have young babies and stay safe. If I was a raccoon I would totally pick an attic over a hole in a log!

Rodents in the attic are incredibly a common issue that most homeowners never even know about until its an extreme issue. Rats are rodents like squirrels and mice. They chew on everything including wiring in your walls. They carry a multiple of diseases.

Raccoon are known carriers of distemper, They will crap all over your attic insulation and cause a tremendous amount of damage. Insurance companies have even recognized the damage raccoons can cause. Raccoon Removal is a paramount first step to help remove the issues at hand. Cleaning the areas are the next and then removing the poop in the attic is another obvious step.

Removal of pest animal are the obvious start and it recommended that a professional in urban nuisance wildlife removal should be used. These animal trappers turned professional animal control and wildlife removal agents of the state can remove the wildlife threat to your most important investments “Your Family and Your Home!”

We recommend The Wildlife Professionals at 678-792-8053

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