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Nuisance Raccoon Removal in Greensboro, NC

In Greensboro as a community one never thinks about noises in the attic as being a raccoon infestation in the attic. Raccoon removal or raccoons in the attic is a normal call for Greensboro nuisance wildlife removal agents and should only be handled by trained professionals.

Raccoons in the attic

A raccoon in the attic is a sign that a female has or is trying to start a family. Once a raccoon has established a home in your attic it will start a family and for generations even after that original raccoon has gone her daughters their daughters will revisit birthing areas. So just trapping a raccoon is not enough.

Raccoons will use your attic insulation as a latrine or toilet. First in one spot then another and after years of use you end up with an attic full of raccoon poop.

How to get rid of a raccoon

How does one get rid of raccoons? Well one sure fire way is to hire a wildlife or nuisance animal control agent. Wildlife and animal control agents are trained to handle the issues and it can be extremely dangerous to confront a female raccoon with pups.

Trap a Raccoon in the yard

Ok so you have trapped a raccoon in the backyard. Now what do you do with it? Every year more and more homeowners are bit and have to have a rabies shot when trying to release and angered raccoon that has been trapped. It always better to have an experienced trapper to trap the raccoon or pest animal from your property.

Raccoon Poop in the attic

When raccoon species are found in the attic they will defecate or crap in the attic space. This raccoon shit or raccoon feces  can contain a round worm that can be fatal to humans , so it is important that once you are aware of a raccoon issue or raccoon conflict in your home that you not attempt to clean up the feces on your own.

Raccoon in the house or home

A raccoon that has found its way into your home is a scary thing for homeowners and business owners alike. I have captured raccoons in homes, business, church and commercial properties and every time the caller is animated and scared. No wonder.. But as wildlife removal experts we remove the raccoon or nuisance animal from the property.

Commercial Raccoon Removal in Greensboro

Nuisance raccoon wildlife removal in the industrial, Commercial and Business properties can be very difficult due to the need of incognito approach. The Wildlife Professionals at request will investigate in unmarked vehicles to keep the thought of a threat at a low level. This is important to maintain the business practice to stay in motion.


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Raccoon Removal Akron – Raccoon Control Akron – Raccoon Trapping Service-Akron Raccoon Removal Service Call 234-788-0375

Akron Ohio Raccoon removal is only the first step in Raccoon Control in Akron Ohio. When a raccoon finds a way into your house an exclusion is needed to ensure complete conclusion to your nuisance raccoon conflict and raccoon removal is needed.

“I have raccoons in my attic!” this is a phone call I get frequently and after grabbing my trusty flashlight and animal catch stick I am on my way to catch and remove the raccoon in the attic..

Raccoons can get into trash and trash cans to forage for food. Raccoons can sleep under decks, Raccoons in the garage and Raccoons in chimneys. When raccoons show this behavior it is because they have become urbanized and no longer fear humans or their pets. This can pose a serious issue due to raccoons carry distemper, rabies and a variable of other diseases that your family and pets could be exposed too.

It is always best to call a wildlife Professional that knows” How to get rid of raccoons” and keep them out. Raccoon Control by raccoon removal experts are always the best call you can make.

Raccoons can also get into chimneys, this is a safe place for them to have baby raccoons. Once the babies have grown a bit they can make quite a ruckus and literally sound like they are coming through the wall.  If you are hearing noises in the attic, noises in the chimney, or even noises in the walls call your local wildlife Tech to inspect. Peace of mind has no price tag!

We recommend The Wildlife Professionals Akron , Ohio  234-788-0375

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