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When a raccoon has intruded into your home it is probably a great option to call a professional to trap and remove the raccoon. When a raccoon has made your home his home again it is a great time to cal animal control in Greensboro. When thinking about how to get rid of a raccoon The Wildlife Professionals of Greensboro NC are most likely your best bet at raccoon removal and raccoon control in Greensboro NC.

English: A Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) seen...

English: A Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) seen near a bike path near Schererville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoons in the Greensboro NC Attic – Attic restoration

It seams more and more often that a raccoon will be found in the attic or in the walls of a home or business. Raccoon can make noises in the wall and in the attic that can keep residents up all night. Racoons an cause serious nuisance wildlife issues.

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