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Bat Removal 412-737-4298 in Pittsburgh PA|Bat Control and bat guano removal

The Wildlife Professionals

Local Bat Removal in Pittsburgh Pennylvania



Bat in Pittsburgh(Photo credit: Lee Carson)

Bat Removal

Bats can be found all over the world. there are many varieties of species
of bats in the world. In Pittsburgh PA there are many
species of bats, though usually only two species found intruding into
homes, church, and business. The removal of bats from a home or property
must be accomplished to solve the wildlife conflict. Bat removal can be extremely tricky even for seasoned wildlife experts. When facing bat proofing issues its best to use a local pest control or bat control service.

Bats in the attic

When bats find their way into an attic
space it can be disastrous. Once a bat colony establishes itself in the
attic bats will begin to defecate or poop where they roost. of course
since bats hung basically upside down the bat droppings tend to pile up
on the insulation below. After a while these piles of bat guano
can begin to become very heavy and even break through the ceiling
drywall causing a dangerous mess in the home or business in Pittsburgh.

She's the same species as the other bats I cat...

the same species as the other bats I catch in Pittsburgh, which are
big brown bats, Eptesicus fuscus. I caught this one in the hallway.
She’s not baring her teeth at me, she’s echolocating. I call her “Bird
bat”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusion is the process or removing the bats or excluding bats
from the property. Bat proofing in Pittsburgh or sealing bats out are
all the same process. The repair process itself can be extremely tedious
even for a trained professional.

Bat guano clean up or attic clean up or restoration

Once the bat infestation is removed from the house it is important to
clean or remove the bat guano from the attic, eaves or both safely. The
bat feces carry a multitude of diseases and bat bugs (a species of bed bugs)
are typically left behind. It is best to have a trained local pest
animal control agent (wildlife removal) to perform the bat guano clean
up in Pittsburgh.

When faced with bat removal needs just make sure to use a reputable
Wildlife Control company, though often a little more expensive than a
pest control company it usually for the best due to the experience level. You get what you pay is what my father always said and I believe that true even to this day!

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Bat Removal Akron Ohio 234-788-0375

Bat Removal Akron Ohio 234-788-0375

Bat Removal from your home can be a daunting task. In most instances it is necessary to have a Wildlife Professional to assist you in this endeavor. Bats can fit into the smallest of voids or openings in fact if you can fit a match book into the void a bat can get in it.  Its no wonder very few wildlife professionals can handle this task.

The Wildlife Professionals can remove theses pest whether the bats  are in your attic, soffit or chimney we can remove them safely and humanely. the Wildlife Pros at Akron Ohio are the clear choice for Akron Bat Control. Trained, certified and licensed our techs are highly trained to accomplish your bat removal process.


Bats are the only true flying mammals. There are many species in Akron Ohio and all of them are beneficial insect eaters, consuming literally tons of harmful insects each night. The most common species to move into houses is the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus). These small animals are about 3-1/2 inches long with an 8 inch wingspread. Their colors range from yellow-brown to dark brown.

Little Brown Bats roost in groups and are drawn to hot attics and wall voids in the spring and summer to bear their young (one per female) from about June-August. In the fall, most of these bats fly to winter hibernation roosts in caves or old mine shafts.

Health Hazards

Bats in Akron Ohio should not be regarded as dangerous. However, about one bat in a thousand MAY have rabies which eventually kills them. Little Brown Bats cannot easily transmit this disease to humans or pets due to their small teeth but problems can arise from trying to touch or pick up a sick bat. Unprovoked attacks are extremely rare.

If bitten by a bat or if infectious material (such as saliva) from a bat gets into your eyes, nose, mouth, or a wound — wash the affected area thoroughly and get medical advice immediately. If a bat is found in a room with a sleeping person, capture it without damaging the head and place it in a container (See the CDC page on “Bats and Rabies” for more information and correct procedures). Dead bats should be kept under refrigeration until tested. Contact your local Health District as soon as possible. To avoid this disease, simply avoid touching bats, be sure your house is bat-proof (at least the living area) and be sure your pets are vaccinated. Call your veterinarian for vaccination information.

Histoplasmosis is another hazard in some states . This airborne disease may be carried in bird and bat droppings. Few people exposed to this fungal disease become seriously ill but there is a potential risk of infection to any one removing or disturbing old, dusty bird or bat guano.

Pittsburgh PA Bat Removal

                                        Pittsburgh Bat Removal and Control !?412-737-4298

The Wildlife Professionals


Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has had issues with bats just about as long as it has been a city. Bats tend to find attic spaces most usually and once in the home or business they roost and begin a colony.

One of the determining factors are droppings(guano) are typically found  near the space that they are entering the structure.( pictured to the right- Guano on a ledge below entry point).

You should always use a Wildlife professional. Some pest control companies are fantastic when it comes to insect, though Bat removal can be extremely difficult even for a trained and experienced technician.

Bats are very important to our environment and must be protected. The Wildlife Professionals never destroy these wonderful creatures and only safe and reliable equipment are used in order to remove and close the entry .

Clean up then can be performed. This is typically a very difficult job too. Bat Guano and urine can have Histoplasmosis a respiratory disease causing spore and Bat bugs are usually present and can cause problems if not handled properly.
The Wildlife Professionals service Ohio Pennsylvania and West Virginia..click a hyper link to check our web sites out!

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