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This Wichita Kansas  juvenile squirrel was caught leaving an attic access to explore, unfortunately for her I was on a ladder installing traps as she left the attic. At that age they are actually quite placid and timid and usually go stiff as if trying to become invisible.

I watched her for a while before I remembered I had my camera and took this photo. I ended up actually picking her up with my hand (Which I do not advocate! they do bite!) and the next day after catching her mom re-united them. A rehabilitation company ened up finding them a new place to live. So it was a great ending to a potentially fatal end.

Rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels in Wichita Kansas are one of the leading causes of attic fires each year due to chewing of the electric wiring in the home, not to mention that they can be extremely loud for their size and also cause many sleepless night every year!

It is no wonder why The Wildlife Professionals of Wichita get so many calls every year as well. Make sure you use trained and State licensed Nuisance Wildlife Professionals. Pest control companies in Wichita although fantastic at bug war fare fall short from tried and true Wildlife Professionals!

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With the outbreak of the “Mange” this year we ever steady in our course to help the effected and prevent .