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Squirrels in attic 336-240-9317 Greensboro, NC Squirrel removal and trapping

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus l...

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus lateralis). Bryce Canyon, Utah (USA). Image taken by Eborutta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The act of squirrel removal is as simple as removing a squirrel from your home, chimney, attic space, attic crawlspace, walls, floorboards or anywhere in your home.

Typically squirrels find their way into the attic crawlspace. once a female squirrel chews into the attic she will begin the nesting cycle. This includes making a nest of sorts to have her baby squirrels and care for them. This is when squirrel removal is key to prevention.

One the signs that you have a squirrel removal issue is noises in the walls or noises in the attic space in the evening. In fact a majority of people find it impossible to sleep due to the amount of noise the average squirrel or squirrels can cause. This is why we get calls in the first place.

Squirrel removal or the act of squirrel trapping a squirrel from the attic is only the first step. The fact is that a squirrel in the attic is a learned action for the culprit squirrel. Female squirrels brought up in a attic space or eave of your house learns that this is a great place to raise and care for their young. so trapping the existing squirrel is not always the end of the issue. Make sure that your pro has a warranty to cover such issues.

How do you get rid of squirrels in the attic? Why are the squirrels in my attic? who will humane trap a squirrel? Greensboro, NC remove a squirrel from my house, House squirrel. I have a squirrel in my fireplace. I hear noises at night in the ceiling and I can’t sleep. Squirrels will chew electric wiring and can cause fires. Who can remove a squirrel from my house? who can remove a squirrel from my business? A squirrel chewing in a church attic cannot be a good thing. When do squirrels sleep? Squirrels are rodents and they have to chew to keep their teeth manageable. Snap traps wont always kill a squirrel, in fact if they get trapped in a snap trap and don’t die immediately they can pull themselves into your wall and die. When a squirrel dies in the walls it can take several weeks for the dead animal smell to go away. A dead squirrel in floorboard can be a stinky situation. Winston NC has a dead animal in a wall, ceiling, attic and crawlspace  problem it’s called pest control lol. Pest control paid employees do not have your best interest in mind most often. Paid pest control employees are not accountable for the work they do in a court of law.

Trapping a squirrel can be difficult. Greensboro state legislation can call meetings about squirrel damage from time to time. Insurance companies in Greensboro, NC has yet to find policy that covers the damage that can be caused by the chewing and attic damage .  One would think that attic chewing from the squirrel that causes fire damage would be covered. fire damage is contributed to rodents across the united states and  still the insurance companies refuse to cover preventative measures or preventative exclusion work . You would think that the insurance company would want an insurance against future damages. We choose our battles and hope for the best in squirrel removal practices and the hopes that an industry standard will become squirrel removal standard.

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336-240-9317 Winston Salem Raccoon Removal|Wildlife Removal|Wildlife Management


Raccoon (Procyon lotor) 3

Raccoon (Procyon lotor) 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If I had a raccoon in my attic crawlspace and I was not in the wildlife removal
industry(Though I am) I often think of how homeowners would think and
act when they are presented with an animal that is in the attic, Wall or
crawlspace  and if the homeowner has no idea how to get rid of the
raccoon in the attic.


One of the first thoughts I can think of is pest control or the local animal shelter
due to the fact that it is a readily local or city sanctioned idea. We
are conditioned as youths to call the local dog catcher or local rat
removal guy when dealing with animal control issues .

The second thought I had was the sheriffs department or local fire
fighters  or a close neighbor or friend. The problem here in my thoughts
are that raccoons can be and are dangerous, especially when with young
and this could actually put whomever was chosen to help into harms way.
Raccoons will bite and scratch, trust me I have witnessed that in

My Thoughts on Raccoon Removal in Winston Salem, NC!

To be honest when it comes to pest control companies and wildlife removal in Charleston, WV here are my thoughts. They could be completely wrong but again they are my thoughts.

Pest control companies pay their pest control techs by the hour and
lets be honest how many people do you know that would engage with a wild animal
such as a raccoon when making barely over minimum wage, I mean really
.. would you? and on that note would the tech actually care how long it
takes to trap the animal or raccoon from your house or complete the
raccoon remove in a timely manner?  Pest control companies specialize in
insects period.

The local sheriffs department and the firefighters actually no longer
help in raccoon removal unless the animal becomes a threat and then
they will immediately destroy the animal if they can. Again if we have
to be honest they have far more important things to be worried about and
the fact is that there is a company that not only handles these issue
but can exclude or repair the damage and install preventative measures
to prevent future occurrences.  If you have a plumbing issue do you call
the police? NO you call a plumber..

So in closing I have come to the conclusion that marketing and education are the best key set to bringing the fine people of Winston Salem, NC 
to understand that when they do have wildlife conflicts there is a
company that can help and that company is The Wildlife Professionals of
WV and though they are not perfect they are relentless and not paid by
the hour.

The wildlife professionals are a network of local trappers and
wildlife exclusion experts and they are the heart beat of nuisance
wildlife removal in America and I proud to have been involved in this revolution.

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