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Skunks are found in your yards, under your deck, your  outbuildings and such. They love to cause nuisance with family animals due to some families tend to feed outside animals and raccoons and skunks love this food as well.

It is no wonder that they will try and find a living space close to these areas! this is when a Professional is needed!

The Wildlife Professionals of Pennsylvania for a solution!


Here’s what stinks in Pittsburgh Metro !.

How about a Fall skunk invasion.

Thats what’s been happening recently in the Fall, and again in the Spring as skunks, like several other wild animals, venture more and more into urban neighborhoods looking for food and shelter.

Damon Greer, Assistant Wildlife Management Supervisor for the Pennsylvania Division of Wildlife says generally skunks are rather shy except when it comes to your dog or other pets.

When should you be worried when you see a skunk in your yard? ” When people go out they (the skunks) just walk away. They’re somewhat defenseless, other than spraying. They’re slow. The big thing is pay attention to their demeanor. if they raise their tail they’re agitated, and if they kind of dance around a little bit that means they’re probably going to spray,” says Greer.

Greer says there are lots of places inn the city for skunks to move in. ” They often times will den up under an old porch, or shed or an old pile of wood or something in the back yard. They’ll den up in places like that and come out in the evening typically” says Greer.

He says skunks like to dig for grubs, japanese beetles and other insects which come out of the ground in the Fall and Spring.