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Raccoon Control and Pest Raccoon Removal 336-240-9317

Raccoons are cute and acrobatic. When raccoons are in the wild they are great to watch whenever you have a chance. Though recently raccoons have been cause nuisance in Greensboro.


Raccoon (Photo credit: dmcdevit)

I remember when I was young and we would spend vacations at the lake. My mom always made sure that we placed a heavy rock on the trash can so that the raccoons could not get into the trash in the middle of the night. If it were forgotten we would wake to a mess of trash strung out everywhere. Mom was not happy!

Now as a pest animal removal agent I get calls more about a raccoon that needs to be removed from an attic space or a raccoon in the chimney and even a raccoon in the crawlspace. It seams that raccoon has learned that your homes attic space and crawlspace can provide great protection and warmth to start a family, in fact many generations of raccoon will and can live in these areas. While living in attic or chimney they will begin to defecate or poop in the area. Raccoon have been known to chew on electric wiring in the attic and in the walls.

Ein Waschbär am frühen Morgen auf dem Dach ein...

Ein Waschbär am frühen Morgen auf dem Dach eines Wohnhauses. (English: A raccoon in the early morning on the roof of an apartment house.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An attic full of feces can be very dangerous due to a ring worm that can be life threatening to adult humans. Raccoons can carry a multitude of virus and diseases. A female raccoon mother can and will attack if she feels she or her babies are threatened. So it is best to hire a professional to remove the raccoon and the feces impacted insulation.


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Opossum Removal in Greensboro NC 336-240-9317 Possum Trapping

The Wildlife Professionals in Greensboro, NC

Harley Carnell Licensed Wildlife Professional


English: Image of a juvenile opossum exhibitin...

English: Image of a juvenile opossum exhibiting characteristic hissing defense behavior after being injured. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trapping an opossum in Greensboro can be a daunting task. When a opossum decides to take up residence in your attic or eaves it can be very difficult to get rid of the opossum. Possum trapping must be completed. An opossum will enter a home either through the crawlspace area and invade the HVAC System or they will climb and gain access to the attic. Whether you have a possum in the attic or a opossum under your deck it is important to have it removed as soon as possible.

Opossum in Greensboro are known carriers of many diseases and your family and family pets are at risk when you have a opossum removal situation .

Harley Carnell of The Wildlife Professionals can handle all opossum and possum and nuisance wildlife and nuisance wild animal removal conflicts for you in the Greensboro area! Call a licensed and trained professional!

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