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Raccoon Removal from attics 234.788.0375

Raccoons are in every county in Ohio and at one time or another you will have to deal with the nuisance that they cause. whether it be tearing into your trash, ripping up your garden or taking up residence in your homes.

When a raccoon takes up residence in your home it can become expensive because of their damage causing nature. They can literally tear through roofing shingles and tear the decking apart to gain access to your home, or climb down your chimney and have babies .

Raccoon removal by humane traps are the best way to start the exclusion process in Akron Ohio, though closing the entries and cleaning up the feces impacted insulation are key to preventing future occurrences. Most times your homeowners insurance policy will pick up the tab on most if not all the expense.

The Wildlife Professionals of Akron Ohio 234-788-0375

Akron Raccoons like too pick specific areas to defecate. this can build up to the point that it breaks down the drywall in the ceiling and can cause it to fail and break allowing the feces to fall into the living spaces below. It is very important that as soon as you start hearing noises or smell unusual smells that it might be a smart idea to call a trained professional to take a look . Protect your most important investment “Your Home”

The Wildlife Professionals can handle just about any nuisance wildlife issues.