Local Rat Removal 336-240-9317 Winston Salem North Carolina Rat Control without Poison!

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Just mention the word “rat” anywhere and at any time and watch the reaction of nearly anyone and everyone near you. Some will cringe others will scream out”where?” and jump back. All fun aside when a rodent finds its way into your home or business it can take on a whole different kind of reaction from your family to your employees to your customers. In some cases a rat infestation can cause a company to close until the infestation can be resolved.


Rat (Photo credit: Sergey Yeliseev)

Nuisance rat removal in Winston Salem, NC is the process of inspecting the property to asses the severity of the rat control conflict. The second phase is use of proper rat removal equipment, We never use poisons due to the fact the a poisoned rat can die in the wall, attic and even in the crawlspace. And the last phase of nuisance rodent removal is the full exclusion which is repair and preventative repair to ensure that no further rat control conflicts remain in the future.

Rats, Mice, Mouse, Squirrel, Musk rats, and Black rats are all rodents and are subject to nuisance rat removal in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point and all the Piedmont Triad area

A mouse problem is a first step to a larger problem. Mice are at the bottom of the food chain and therefore animals such as wood rats, black rats, sewer rats, snakes and even raccoon will feed off of mice and will follow them even into your Winston Salem home or business property.

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