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The Wildlife Professionals of Winston Salem North Carolina

Skunk removal experts



Skunk (Photo credit: Mike Bowler)

skunk removal in Winston Salem North Carolina can be very difficult due to the chance of being sprayed while trying to remove the trap. I have not been sprayed when trapping a skunk so far though I know a few fellow wildlife techs that have been, so that goes to show if a professional can get sprayed the likelihood of a do-it-yourselfer getting sprayed is almost assured.

Skunk control by skunk repellants almost never work and and decoys like coyote decoys do not work either.


Skunked! (Photo credit: bermudi)

Skunks are often found under decks and in the crawlspace, usually to find shelter or a safe place to have babies. Skunk under the deck or a skunk in the hvac system in the crawlspace can be excluded after trapped by a local wildlife company such as The Wildlife Professionals in Winston Salem NC .

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Also in Winston Salem, High Point, Archdale, Lexington, and the entire Piedmont Triad area.

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