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I own a Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service Company in Dallas Texas and I have had   phone calls that always started the same way!


“ I have bats in my attic and I don’t know what to do” or” I found a bat in my bathroom and I have children, I need help”


The truth is that over 70% of all calls in Dallas Texas that we at The Wildlife Professions receive are Bat related calls.


Bats are fantastic creature really! In fact out in the wild they are of great benefit, but when they start a colony in a residence, business or even your church the danger far outweighs the benefit. It is important to notify a wildlife professional as soon as you notice the issue. The earlier the conflict can be controlled the better for all involved. The Wildlife Professionals of Dallas TX can Help


We spend a tremendous amount of time in attics where bats have rousted and started their colony during bat inspections for bat removal . Attic spaces are ideal for bats actually. An attic offers safety not only from predators but from the elements as well. Once the bats have colonized it is very difficult for the do it your selfer’s  to get them out and keep them out, not to mention the risk of being bitten and contracting rabies or any of the variables of diseases they can carry. It honestly is best to have a professional help.


Most Wildlife professionals use a bat device called” a one way door” or “bat cone” , I have had measured success with the industry standard of these devices , though I also fabricate my own variations of the bat doors when the need arises, truth told not all situations are suitable or sometimes the “industry standard bat door” just isn’t the right equipment needed. This is when a true wildlife professional is needed. A professional who can think outside of the box. Make sure when you are hiring a wildlife profession that they are really wildlife professionals and not just a pest control service trying to remove wildlife. Would you have your dentist remove your appendix?


In most cases bat are easily removed if removal is done in a proper manner. The Wildlife Professionals are the clear choice in bat removal. Give us a call for a free consult!

  • Bat removal
  • Attic restoration
  • Attic insulation clean out
  • feces impacted insulation removal
  • Exclusion with warranty
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