Minneapolis Minnesota Bat Removal

Minneapolis bat Removal

When a bat invades your home it can take years and even decades for the evidence to be  noticed. Once a bat infestation has occurred the only way to stop it by  “Minneapolis Bat Removal” . Sounds cliche I know, but it is a proven fact that most”do-it-your-selfers” fail miserably time and time again until a wildlife professional is involved.

The reason is because the bats that invade Minneapolis homes and business’ are either “big brown bats or Small brown bats” these lovely creatures can fit into spaces smaller than a book of matched on its side, so we are talking about small voids!

Now imagine going through every inch of your home and sealing these gaps and voids! Sounds like fun I know..:)

All kidding aside Bat removal in Minneapolis is no joke, it is averaged that 5 in 10 bats carry rabies botulism distemper … ect.. not to mention that they have little bugs that live on them called “Bat Bugs” but they are actually a sister species to “bed bugs” . wow this gets so much better don’t ya think? but Waite! there’s more , their feces or “guano can have spore that contain histoplasmosis  that is a known cause of respiratory disease in the elderly and infant ages alike.

Minneapolis bat removal is simply put the best and only real way to protect not only your house, but your family! and that is is no laughing matter!

The Wildlife Professionals of Minneapolis can help!

Other ares we protect from bats in the attic are: Champlin  Andover Ramsey Ham Lake Anoka Blaine St. michael Lino Lakes White bear Lake North ST. Paul New Brighton Fridley Brooklyn Park maple Grove Crystal MN Plymouth Arden Hills MN Roseville MN Oakdale MN St. Paul  Woodbury  Inner grove Heights MN  Mendota Heights Mn  St. Louis MN Edina MN  Bloomington MN  Minnetonka MN  Apple Valley MN  Lakeville MN  bat removal

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2 responses to “Minneapolis Minnesota Bat Removal

  1. Interesting that you think 50% of bats have rabies, and other diseases. I had read that thought bat bites or scratches can be serious only a small percentage of bats carry rabies.

    Bat bites are rare, but do happen. Five fatal cases of rabies from bat bites have been reported in Minnesota in the last century, including a man who died after contracting rabies from a bat bite in August 2007

    • What is fantastic in this day and age is that there are wildlife control agents such as myself that choose to help these fantastic creatures. in fact 50 % of bats found in homes do carry rabies, botulism, bat bugs and Hystoplasmosys which causes respiratory distress in the young and elderly and in some states it is a higher calculation and in some states less. I was summarizing the statistics. however the number state the same consistency. the whites nose syndrome has yet to be found in a house dwelling colony. that is a statistic.:), I wonder if you even are aware of what that is? when you are silly enough to handle a bat and get bit and don’t get the proper care I only hope the best for you. most people shouldn’t have to have a rabies shot just because you said it was ok to handle them. it is not ok to handle them!

      You seem to have not done the consistent home work involved. When disproving an person you need to come to the table with substantial information that make said person look uncredited.

      I had a tech in Pittsburgh Pa not long ago that got bit and he was not stupid enough to avoid treatment. You can say and do what ever it is that makes you happy , but do not misinform these people that look to you for advise. it would be the blood on your hand!
      I deal with wildlife on a daily basis we don’t take chances. good luck to you …

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