Bat Removal Akron Ohio 234-788-0375

How to remove bats from our Akron Ohio Home 234-788-0375

Bat removal in Akron Ohio can be a daunting task. A lot of people have tried and a lot more will try! The truth is that if it were as easy as jumping up on a ladder and closing the area you see them jumping out, then there would be no need for bat specialist !!

I have seen a lot of Pest Control companies in Akron “try” to take care of the bat issues as well as Homeowners try themselves. What happens is after time and time again of failure The Wildlife Professionals seem to get the  call” I have tried everything! but I can’t get theses bats out of our attic!”

Akron Ohio Bats have a bug that lives on them called “Bat Bugs” and they are a sister species to “Bed Bugs” and are equally annoying. the guano or poop of the big brown bat and Small Brown bat is high in nitrate and can become

flammable.  in fact in 1812 the confederates used bat guano from nearby cave as cannon fodder. Imagine that battle!! “Holey Crap Batman!!” lol…

Bats carry diseases that can be bad for all and especially the very young and the elderly alike, Histoplasmosis is one of them and it is a nasty bugger too! causes respiratory distress.

It Is always best to use a Wildlife Profession in lue of a pest control agentfor all your bat squirrel  raccoon snake opossum rat rodent and skunk issues, for there is always more that needs done than simply catching the wild animals! exclusion or repairs is the only final step !

The Wildlife Professionals Bat removal of Akron Ohio  234-788-0375



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