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Wichita Pest Control has evolved over the years. the age of having only insects infesting your home has long gone. Encroachment of housing divisions and new neighborhoods being built  has forced Wildlife to evolve as well. It seems the human race has finally met with the wildlife that had resided where we now live!

Wild animals such as the Raccoon have learned that our attic spaces and chimney areas are a great place for them to have and raise their young and in most cases the home owner doesn’t  even know till it’s to late and a wildlife pest control agent has to be called. Raccoon removal and control is only the first step to sufficiently removing the issue for good.

Once the Raccoon in your Wichita Kansas  home is removed either by humane trapping or approved eviction fluids to scare them away rather than trapping them, then the fecal impacted(poop) insulation will need to be removed to prevent disease. The entry point will need to also be closed and preventative repairs to prevent future occurrences are key!

It is important to understand that common pest control companies in Wichita although are great at the pest removal of wild animals usually lack the experience to make the preventative or exclusion part right for you and you may have repeated trapping exercises before the issue gets solved. Only a state certified nuisance wildlife professional should be called in after all you wouldn’t  want  to have brain surgery from your local dentist no matter how long you have been going to him!:)

Call a local Nuisance certified tech 316-712-4211

I wanted to add a nice story too:

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012

Contest will decide name of Riverfest raccoon

The Wichita Eagle

A raccoon in a pirate getup will give Admiral Windwagon Smith competition as the capped-and-costumed figurehead of this year’s Wichita River Festival.

The raccoon, who soon will get a name as part of a contest, will decorate this year’s Wichita River Festival buttons, posters, pamphlets and paraphernalia.

The festival is scheduled for May 7 through 15.

Festival officials unveiled the artwork — as well as the 2010 theme, “River Me Timbers” — on Thursday. Gardner Design created the artwork, which features the pirate raccoon strumming a guitar, eyeing a parrot friend and floating atop a treasure chest.

Festival officials now are asking the public to help name the critter. Those who have an idea should log onto the Riverfest blog at wichitariverfestival.com to download an entry form. A panel will narrow the list to 10 finalists, which will be posted on the Web site for public votes.

The winning name will be announced at the opening ceremony May 7, and the creator of the name will win $1,000.

Entry forms are due April 5. That’s also the day that festival buttons go on sale.

© 2010 Wichita Eagle and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved. http://www.kansas.com


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